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Welcome to SageWorks

The SageWorks framework makes AWS® both easier to use and more powerful. SageWorks handles all the details around updating and managing a complex set of AWS Services. With a simple-to-use Python API and a beautiful set of web interfaces, SageWorks makes creating AWS ML pipelines a snap. It also dramatically improves both the usability and visibility across the entire spectrum of services: Glue Jobs, Athena, Feature Store, Models, and Endpoints. SageWorks makes it easy to build production ready, AWS powered, machine learning pipelines.

SageWorks Dashboard: AWS Pipelines in a Whole New Light!

Full AWS OverView

  • Health Monitoring 🟢
  • Dynamic Updates
  • High Level Summary

Drill-Down Views

  • Glue Jobs
  • DataSources
  • FeatureSets
  • Models
  • Endpoints

Private SaaS Architecture

Secure your Data, Empower your ML Pipelines

SageWorks is architected as a Private SaaS. This hybrid architecture is the ultimate solution for businesses that prioritize data control and security. SageWorks deploys as an AWS Stack within your own cloud environment, ensuring compliance with stringent corporate and regulatory standards. It offers the flexibility to tailor solutions to your specific business needs through our comprehensive plugin support, both components and full web interfaces. By using SageWorks, you maintain absolute control over your data while benefiting from the power, security, and scalability of AWS cloud services. SageWorks Private SaaS Architecture

Dashboard and API

The SageWorks package has two main components, a Web Interface that provides visibility into AWS ML PIpelines and a Python API that makes creation and usage of the AWS ML Services easier than using/learning the services directly.

Web Interfaces

The SageWorks Dashboard has a set of web interfaces that give visibility into the AWS Glue and SageMaker Services. There are currently 5 web interfaces available:

  • Top Level Dashboard: Shows all AWS ML Artifacts (Glue and SageMaker)
  • DataSources: DataSource Column Details, Distributions and Correlations
  • FeatureSets: FeatureSet Details, Distributions and Correlations
  • Model: Model details, performance metric, and inference plots
  • Endpoints: Endpoint details, realtime charts of endpoint performance and latency

Python API

SageWorks API Documentation: SageWorks API Classes

The main functionality of the Python API is to encapsulate and manage a set of AWS services underneath a Python Object interface. The Python Classes are used to create and interact with Machine Learning Pipeline Artifacts.

Getting Started

SageWorks will need some initial setup when you first start using it. See our Getting Started guide on how to connect SageWorks to your AWS Account.

Additional Resources