Data Hacking

Examples of using IPython, Pandas, and Scikit Learn to get the most out of your security data.

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Welcome to the Data Hacking Project

"Hacking in the sense of deconstructing an idea, hardware, anything and getting it to do something it wasn’t intended or to better understand how something works."(BSides CFP)

So hacking here means we want to quickly deconstruct data, understand what we've got and how to best utilize it for the problem at hand.

The primary motivation for these exercises is to explore the nexus of IPython, Pandas and Scikit Learn on security data of various kinds. The exercises will often intentionally show common missteps, warts in the data, paths that didn't work out that well and results that could definitely be improved upon. In general we're trying to capture what worked and what didn't, not only is that more realistic but often much more informative to the reader.

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